Welded Mesh Fence Systems SR1, SR2, SR3

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Welded Mesh Fence Systems SR1, SR2, SR3

by Heras

Perimeter protection is paramount for utility companies, nuclear power stations, airports, military sites, and oil and gas terminals. The higher the safety risk to people, premises and assets, the more important it is to ensure that robust and effective security systems are in place. Heras Zenith high security mesh fencing systems are the answer; theyre LPCB certified, extremely safe and secure, easy to install and designed to last. The range includes Zenith SR1, SR2 and SR3. They offer a high level of protection against vandalism, intrusion and terrorist activity thanks to the combination of its anti-climbing 358 mesh system, secure foundations and security toppings. The systems has been tested by the Building Research Establishment to gain the necessary security ratings.

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