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This literature item is no longer available.

WE Single glazed & Crittall Style partition system

Technical data sheet

WE Single glazed & Crittall Style partition system

by Tecno Spa

WE is the ideal answer for small, medium and large projects which demand fast reconfiguration of interiors and easy redistribution of spaces. WE is a single glazed partition wall with a total thickness of 45 mm 1 3/4". Its simplicity and elegance make it suitable for dividing operational spaces. Its high-tech appeal stems from Cric (jack), the patent pending foot which makes for easier assembly and glazing adjustment. The Industrial version or "Crittall Style" stands out for the presence of 30 mm-high horizontal extruded aluminium slats and a slim thickness which ensures it remains flush with the vertical posts. The system therefore makes it possible to attach and detach the slats at any time, and to reposition them as needed.

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