Visedge VR Series Flexible Floor Trim

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Visedge VR Series Flexible Floor Trim

by Howe Green

The Howe Green Visedge VR Series Securing Edge Joint is a vinyl edge securing trim with weldable pvc edge designed to enable two differing floor finishes, such as vinyl and terrazzo, to be finished flush. The perimeter of the vinyl sheeting is anchored securely to prevent the ingress of water and forms an impermeable, flat, hygienic and permanent joint with the hard paving. It is ideal for use in commercial locations such as walkways in kitchens where the safety flooring may adjoin quarry tiles under the ovens, swimming pools where safety flooring on the poolside adjoins tiles around the pool, and wetrooms where safety flooring adjoins a tiled area. The Visedge VR Series is aluminium with a pvc insert to weld the sheet flooring. It is suitable for pedestrian traffic.

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