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Vertical Blind Systems by Silent Gliss

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Vertical Blind Systems by Silent Gliss

by Silent Gliss Ltd


Vertical blind systems combine design and technology, stylish whilst controlling the level of light entering the room. They are well suited for floor-to-ceiling windows or as a room divider. In addition to straight louvres, Silent Gliss offer Vertical Wave - laser cut shaped louvres to add a contemporary twist. Silent Gliss now offer the unique, breath-taking 3D Vertical Wave. By combining new printing methods with colour palettes we deliver eye-catching and stunning effects on the blind. A mono-control chain operation has one chain both the tilting, opening and closing the system. Alternatively crank operation has a detachable handle (inherently child safe) therefore ideal for homes, hotels and public spaces. Electrically operated systems offer the additional convenience and luxury.

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