Teckentrup Insulated Sliding Folding Doors Manual and Powered

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Teckentrup Insulated Sliding Folding Doors Manual and Powered

by Teckentrup UK Ltd

Teckentrup Insulated steel folding doors: Teckentrup folding doors are used in particular in large maintenance halls, storage depots, equipment halls or vehicle depots. Folding doors open to the side and are available in either 90 degree or 180 degree versions. Various filling and glazing options expand the design. We also provide doors with electrical drives for applications where speed is required as well as a quick release system specially designed for the fire brigade. Folding doors with automatic mode for areas subject to high levels of traffic, such as workshops, car wash systems and paint-shops. An automatically opening door saves plenty of time and energy. Door systems can either be operated using dead man or pulse control. Doors can open towards the inside or outside.

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