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SonaSpray Brochure

by Oscar Acoustics

Oscar Acoustics SonaSpray is an extensive range of recycled, seamless, acoustic decorative finishes for reverberation control in buildings, offering superb acoustics without design compromise. SonaSpray fcx acoustic spray - seamless, flat finish with lightly pitted surface. Ideal for use in homes, pools, classrooms, offices, hotels, boardrooms and restaurants etc. SonaSpray fc acoustic spray - Lightly textured finish. Ideal for use in pools, offices, classrooms, halls, boardrooms, restaurants. SonaSpray K-13 Special acoustic ceiling spray - Medium texture. Ideal for use in sports halls, offices, classrooms, auditoria, theatres, etc. SonaSpray K-13 noise reduction spray - Coarse textured finish. Ideal for use in sports halls, stadia, auditoria, night clubs, bars, factories, warehouses, etc

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