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SentryGlas Xtra® interlayers from the Trosifol®

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SentryGlas Xtra® interlayers from the Trosifol®

by Kuraray – Trosifol®


SGX has robust adhesion to the air side of glass without the need for primer making lamination of multi ply laminates easier. SGX optical performance and haze formation are much less sensitive to the autoclave cooling rate giving peace of mind to the laminator that the final laminate will have consistently high quality. The lower haze also makes producing very thick laminates of outstanding optical quality easily achievable. SGX complies with global safety glazing codes such as ANSI Z97.1, EN14449, EN12543, EN12600, EN356 and Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC). Properly laminated and installed SGX laminates of 2.53 mm caliper have been tested and pass the large missile impact test per ASTM E 1996.

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