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Resin flooring Resuscreed Deco Quartz TS screed system

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Resin flooring Resuscreed Deco Quartz TS screed system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


Resuscreed Deco Quartz TS system is a 3-pack decorative trowel applied epoxy resin industrial resin floor screed. The system incorporates multi-coloured aggregates to create a subtle decorative finish. It is typically applied at 4 mm minimum thickness to provide a hard wearing, attractive smooth seamless flooring which is sealed with clear resin for an impervious finish. Resuscreed Deco Quartz TS can be used to form coved skirting at the same time that the flooring is applied to create a truly seamless and continuous finish. This makes the product a superb solution for pharmaceutical type projects where a seamless 'tanked' finish is required with good aesthetics. The system is also widely specified in custodial areas because of its durability and ease of cleaning.

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