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Resin flooring Resuflor SL S system

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Resin flooring Resuflor SL S system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


Resuflor SL S is a self smoothing epoxy resin floor system which provides a flat hard wearing gloss finish 3mm in thickness. The system provides a very hard wearing aesthetically pleasing finish with resistance against chemical attack and abrasion. It is ideal for production areas and clean room type situations where a smooth and tough hygienic floor is required. As a liquid applied self smoothing resin flooring system Resuflor is applied by notched trowel and spread evenly and then spiked rolled within 15 minutes. The product will follow the contours of an existing substrate and cure overnight to a hard finish. Resulfor is installed in varied industrial situations including automotive and aviation and also pharmaceutical environments where clean room type finishes are required.

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