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Resin flooring Resudeck ID car park system

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Resin flooring Resudeck ID car park system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


Resudeck ID floor coating system is for intermediate car park decks. The system is promoted for car parks, vehicle areas and loading bays using the latest in polyurethane and resin technology to provide durable, long lasting attractive surface coatings that protect the integrity of your vehicle facilities. Our slip and skid resistant Resudeck deck coating solutions come in a number of bright and colourful options that are not only attractive, but also waterproof to prevent corrosion. As a car park is often one of the first things visitors to your premises will see, aesthetics and impressions matter. Our Resudeck surface systems are resilient against the dynamic movement of traffic and pressure from heavy loads often found in these environments.

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