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Resin flooring FasTop SL45 screed system

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Resin flooring FasTop SL45 screed system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


FasTop SL45 is a water-based polyurethane self-smoothing resin floor screed system designed to provide excellent heavy duty usage with resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments. The flooring system is HACCP International certified as food grade product promoting the latest modern standards for food factory flooring. The resin flooring system is typically installed at 4-5 mm thickness providing a full matt finish suitable for heavy duty use. FasTop SL45 contains an antimicrobial agent that reduces bacteria that come into contact with the floor, making it ISO 22196 compliant and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungal organisms such as E-Coli, Aspergillus Niger, and Salmonella.

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