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Resin flooring FasTop RS69 screed system

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Resin flooring FasTop RS69 screed system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


FasTop RS69 industrial flooring is a heavy duty resin rich antimicrobial polyurethane floor screed system providing superb resistance against chemical attack, thermal shock and abrasion. A food grade non-taint and odourless product, providing slip resistance in wet and dry conditions which is certified as being food safe with HACCP International. For fast installation FasTop RS69 industrial flooring can be applied by rake and trowel as a resin rich system. Resistant to steam cleaning, boiling water and process liquids up to 120ºC and suitable for freezer temperatures down to -40ºC at 9 mm thickness. As a resin rich floor screed FasTop RS69 has such good adhesion to concrete substrates that it becomes a monolithic permanent fixture of a building to provide a very hard long term solution.

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