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Resin flooring Cemcrete S system

Design guide

Resin flooring Cemcrete S system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


Sherwin-Williams Cemcrete S industrial flooring system is a polymer-cement coating designed for driveways, walkways, car parks, public concourse areas and ship decks. It can be laid over a wide range of floor and wall surfaces, and bonds with the substrate in a way that allows for movement and flexibility in the structure. Inside and out Cemcrete industrial flooring has superb adhesion and can be used in exterior or interior environments, and be applied as a smooth or textured finish as required. An aggregate can be added to create a non-slip texture, it can also be built-up to achieve a range of resin floor seamless thicknesses. Whatever the industrial flooring system you choose, you'll have peace of mind that youve got support from Sherwin-Williams, the worlds largest coating company.

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