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Premium through-coloured silicone monocouche render

Technical data sheet

Premium through-coloured silicone monocouche render

by SAS Europe Ltd


ProRend Colour is a premium factory batched proprietary silicone monocouche render. This attractive mica containing through-colour render provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates. It has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish. ProRend Colour is a cement based, self coloured, ready mixed render. Specifically designed to incorporate the benefits of silicone water repellents into a cement based render system. Water is prevented from penetrating the masonry, while moisture accumulating inside is able to escape. The silicone also prevents the migration of soluble salts through the cured render, thus combating secondary efflorescence. It is ideally suited for areas where high water repellence is required. Easy to apply and highly suitable for application by machine.

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