PATTRESS PLUS - Ready prepared Pattressing board

Technical data sheet

PATTRESS PLUS - Ready prepared Pattressing board


PATTRESS PLUS is designed to provide support for fixtures and fittings in non-structural drywall partitions. PATTRESS PLUS is an engineered SmartPly OSB3 panel incorporating a continuous recess to accommodate all commercially available "C" shaped metal studs used in the construction of lightweight drywall partition systems. Tested to the relevant sections of BS5234 Part 2 relating to pull-out strength, it is suitable for use in public access areas including corridors and stairwells, contributing to higher levels of impact resistance. The ready prepared modular panels are quick and easy to use and due to the solid and consistent core, fixings can be made at any point on the panel surface for secure anchorage. Not adding to the partition thickness, it is used only where required.

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