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Microlift Service Lift (Dumbwaiter)

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Microlift Service Lift (Dumbwaiter)

by Stannah Lifts


Often referred to as kitchen lifts, these service lifts are ideal for a range of uses, from food lifts in pubs and restaurants, light goods in industrial applications, all the way to dumbwaiters in offices and private homes. The Stannah Microlift range includes four 50kg & 100kg structure supported models, offering a wide choice of car sizes off the shelf. There are four models, namely: - Standard - The popular choice for waist-height loading - Double-decker - Two lift cars in one structure, eliminating cross-contamination - Floor-level loading - Floor level service for small trolleys - Bottom drive - For low headroom applications Our experience and comprehensive dumbwaiter product range enables us to ensure that you receive the best advice and the perfect product.

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