Magply Plasterbond Datasheet

Technical data sheet

Magply Plasterbond Datasheet

by IPP Ltd

MAGPLY PLASTER BOND is a mineral based plaster primer which is designed to control high suction backgrounds on Magply MGO boards whilst still remaining vapour open. The primers fine gritted surface provides a key for a new suitable plaster to bond to. MAGPLY PLASTER BOND is in-dependently tested by audited facilities Sheffield Hallam University and PRA coatings, for vapour diffusion to reassure you that water vapour is not trapped in the fabric of your building. No VOC, no odour, water-based and certified as vapour permeable. Our natural mineral and wa-ter-glass primer free from any other cobinders such as solvents, gypsum and cement and is non-hazardous. MAGPLY PLASTER BOND plaster primer is available in 17kg UN certified containers.


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