Magply Non-Combustible Board BDA Agrement BAW 18-086/01/A

Third party approval

Magply Non-Combustible Board BDA Agrement BAW 18-086/01/A

by IPP Ltd

Magply is intended to be used in self-supporting composite lightweight panels and spandrel panels for external and internal walls, cladding and ceilings. The panels can contribute to the loadbearing capacity of hte works. Structural Performance : When fully installed in the building structure in accordance with this agrement the Product can contribute to adequate strength and stiffness to resist the wind and imposed loads likely to be experienced in the UK. Safety in case of Fire : Reaction to Fire - the product is classified as Euroclass A1 (Non-combustible) in accordance with BS EN 13501-1. Durability and Maintenance : The dimensional stability of hte product panels is extremely good. Fire Resistance - The following loadbearing Product panel assembly has been tested to BS 1365-1

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