Liquid Gutter Liner. Gutterseal seamless gutter lining.

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Liquid Gutter Liner. Gutterseal seamless gutter lining.

by Liquasil Ltd

Gutterseal from Liquasil is a seamless liquid gutter liner system for metal, asbestos cement and concrete gutters on commercial / industrial buildings. Each component in the system has a specific purpose: 1) SWT Primer is a true wet and surface tolerant metal treatment that primes any metal within the gutter (fixings or gutters) and prevents further rusting. 2) Non-Sag Sealer is a highly thixotropic silicone polymer with 1400% elasticity, to easily cope with thermal movement at the gutter joints. 3) Liquasil One provides the lining to the entire gutter once rust has been treated and joints have been sealed and forms the seamless gutter lining.


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