Knauf GIFAFloor Booklet - High density gypsum flooring

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Knauf GIFAFloor Booklet - High density gypsum flooring

by Knauf

Knauf GIFAfloor systems use engineered flooring panels with a recycled material content of 50%. Fibres from wholly recycled paper are blended with a mix of natural and flue gas esulphurised gypsum to create non-combustible gypsum fibreboard panels with A1 fire rating. Knauf GIFAfloor panels are manufactured in a lamination process and pressed to the optimum density, resulting in an inherently strong and consistent product. Engineered tongue and grooved edge profiles ensure a strong bond when laid, creating robust monolithic floors with excellent loadbearing capability, the ideal substrate for natural stone or porcelain finishes.

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