Isothane WBF LABC fact sheet

Third party approval

Isothane WBF LABC fact sheet

by Isothane Ltd

Isothane WBF is a Kiwa BDA Agrément approved (Certificate No. 18-048) open cell spray foam insulation. LABC Registered Details (EWWS 1234) are available. LABC Warranty also accepts its use. Isothane WBF is used to provide a seamless foam insulation layer to the underside of pitched roofs with LR/HR membranes, or sarking boards. It can also be used between the studwork of timber framed walls. The high expansion rate of Isothane WBF means greater thicknesses can be applied in much less time, when compared to other conventional forms of insulation, reducing disruption on site and lowering costs.

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