Harlequin Reversible Performance Vinyl Floors

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Harlequin Reversible Performance Vinyl Floors

by Harlequin Floors (British Harlequin plc)

Harlequin Reversible is the original double-sided dance and stage floor. It's a lightweight calendered vinyl that rolls out quickly, lays flat and stays flat. It is hard-wearing and slip-resistant on both sides, thus providing two floors in one! Harlequin Reversible is suitable for ballet, contemporary, percussive dance including flamenco, Irish and tap, multi-purpose use, hip-hop, jazz, street, aerobics, zumba, concerts, display, exhibitions, television, theatres and for operatic performances. Harlequin Reversible is our most versatile loose-lay floor and is extremely popular among our extensive clientèle. It is ideally laid on any hard, smooth surface and is particularly suited to touring due to ease of handling and portability.


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