H Poplar Plywood- Pure Glue

Technical data sheet

H Poplar Plywood- Pure Glue

by Hanson Plywood Ltd

H Pure Glue Plywood is constructed using an innovative new bonding system as the result of a collaboration between Panguaneta SPA and Solensis LLC. The product is manufactured using Soyad technology; an environmentally-friendly adhesive that is formulated using a proprietary cross-linking resin and natural soy flour. This provides a strong and moisture resistant bond with no added Formaldehyde. The product is constructed from certified Poplar veneers and is light in weight with a barely perceptible grain. Formaldehyde emissions from the finished product meet numerous highly reputable and globally recognised standards for low emission rates and is the only plywood manufactured in Europe to comply with the California Air Resources Boards No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) regulation

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