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GYPSOL XS High Strength Flowing Screed

Technical data sheet

GYPSOL XS High Strength Flowing Screed



GYPSOL XS self compacting flowing screed is made to exacting standards by quality assured manufacturers to BS EN 13813:2002. It is a combination of high quality binder, specially selected sands, water and special additives where required. It is an enhanced strength mix design which offers a minimum CA-C35-F7. GYPSOL XS is suitable for the encapsulation of an underfloor heating system, either electric or warm water. GYPSOL XS is suitable for use in both residential and commercial including apartments, schools, prisons, hospitals and single dwellings where higher loadings and more durable screeded floors are required. In common with all GYPSOL calcium sulphate screeds, GYPSOL XS screed also improves the environmental characteristics of the floor.

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