Gira Smoke Alarm Device Dual Q

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Gira Smoke Alarm Device Dual Q

by Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co KG

The new Gira Dual Q smoke device is equipped with two detection processes and thus achieves twice the level of safety. It visually identifies small smoke particles before the situation gets too precarious and dangerous for people. In addition, thermal sensors measure temperature changes within the room. In this way various types of fires, such as liquid fire, can be registered more rapidly and reliably identified. For even more safety, comfort and efficiency, the functions of the Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device can be expanded through optionally available devices: Networking up to 40 devices by wire or wirelessly, checking their functionality at ground or floor level or even from outside the room, integrating them into the KNX system or connecting them to external alarm devices.

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