Ebios-fire bioethanol fires from DRU

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Ebios-fire bioethanol fires from DRU

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Bioethanol is an organic fuel and the fires are 95% energy efficient and burn cleanly with no harmful emissions. They include built-in models, table-top fires, freestanding fires and garden fires. Bioethanol releases water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by plants, making it a carbon-neutral fuel. Bioethanol fires need no chimney or flue, so they can be installed in modern houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants and many other locations. They provide warmth, atmosphere and comfort at a low cost and in a non-polluting way, so they are the perfect replacement for gas, electric or wood burning fires. They can be operated manually or by remote control and can be integrated into existing chimneys, false walls, kitchen units and many other places around the home.

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