Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

Technical data sheet

Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer

by Intelligent Facility Solutions

Super low energy, slim and quiet. A solid 1.5mm thick steel and stainless-steel cover. Extraordinary energy efficiency; this unit can run at just 180W using an adjustable motor speed and ability to turn the heater element off. A low noise Quiet Mark approved hand dryer, silent-blocks dampen vibrations at the rear of the product. It has a 100mm depth making it compliant with ADAAG accessibility requirements. It also means it will fit in the tightest of washrooms without taking up much room. It is a Universal voltage hand dryer. It works at 100-120V or 220-240V automatically without any adjustment required. The HEPA filter not only stops solid particles, ranging from dust mites to fungi, but also absorbs fumes and mitigates bad odours thanks to an activated carbon filter.


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