DORMA TS 97 Cam Action Door Closer

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DORMA TS 97 Cam Action Door Closer

by dormakaba UK & Ireland

TS 97 closer system features small dimensions and uniform lengths of body and slide channel. It offers ease of use & fully controlled, reliable closing with adjustable latching action. Size is EN 2-4. Closers are suitable for standard internal, fire and smoke check doors, both left and right handed. Units have single piece face plates without slots or fixing points and internal end caps. A dead stop unit to protect the wall and door is fitted as standard and a mechanical hold-open device is available as an optional accessory. Closing speed and latching actions are adjustable by valve. Closers have a choice of finishes - white and special colours, silver anodised and stainless steel and polished brass 'design' mock metallic surface coatings.

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