DORMA TS 93 Cam Action Door Closer System

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DORMA TS 93 Cam Action Door Closer System

by dormakaba UK & Ireland

TS 93 modular system in Contur design enables a small number of closers to be combined with different slide channels to meet virtually every functional requirement. EN2-5 & EN 5-7 versions are offered. The system is suitable for single and double doors and all fixing positions; its adjustable hydraulic function can be easily adapted for every door situation. Closers have an easy opening action and fully controlled, delayed closing. An integral smoke detector, with a service/maintenance indicator, is located in the slide channel. Different versions have hold-open fittings, including electro-mechanical, and frame- and ceiling- mounted smoke detectors. Closers have a choice of finishes - silver, white and special colours, stainless steel and polished brass.

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