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Derbigum VAEPLAN Single Ply Brochure

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Derbigum VAEPLAN Single Ply Brochure

by Alumasc Roofing

Vaeplan has built up a solid reputation as producer of high-end (Vinyl Acetate Ethylene) synthetic roofing of which the durability has proven itself in practice. Some of the benefits of our single ply system includes the avoidance of using naked flame and the speed of application, especially useful when meeting school holidays or factory shut down timescales and deadlines. Because of its vapour permeability, the risk of condensation problems in comparison with other synthetic membranes is astonishing 5 to 15 times less. This can be useful if the use of the building changes. The same advantage also applies in the case of captured humidity in the build-up during installation as it dries out up to 15 times faster.

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