Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment - FlexLap by Liquasil Ltd

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Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment - FlexLap by Liquasil Ltd

by Liquasil Ltd

FlexLap is a BBA Approved, stand-alone cut-edge corrosion treatment. The Liquasil cut edge corrosion treatment comprises a proven marine-grade corrosion primer and a highly flexible silicone top coat to provide at least 15 years protection against further cut edge corrosion. FlexLap is available in any RAL colour, subject to minimum ordering quantities. The standard colour is Goosewing Grey. Distinctively, the FlexLap cut edge corrosion treatment does NOT require you to seal gaps in over-lapping roof sheets. This approach prevents trapping moisture, which is a cause of under-sheet corrosion. It also results in considerable cost savings. If an existing and failing cut edge corrosion treatment is already in place, please refer to Liquasil for further instructions.


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