Composition® Acoustic Fabric

Technical data sheet

Composition® Acoustic Fabric

by Autex Acoustics Ltd

Composition is an acoustic fabric designed to be used in the same way wallpaper is. But unlike wallpaper it can be used as a pinnable surface and it is hook and loop receptive , so you can use products like Velcro on it. Beyond all that, it creates incredible learning environments by reducing and managing the echo in the room resulting in a much more peaceful space for kids to learn in. But it isn't just kids that learn, any working space will benefit from Composition too. Key Features and Benefits: - Delivers excellent acoustic performance. - Available in a wide range of colours. - Produced from 100% polyester fibre, a minimum 60% of which are post-consumer recycled material, without chemical binders. - Highly durable. - Does not fray even when cut into or pulled on

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