AshJack™ - The Lightweight Over Roof System

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AshJack™ - The Lightweight Over Roof System

by Ash & Lacy

By constructing a lightweight steel sub-frame over the existing roof (which is then over-clad), an effective pitch is created to facilitate water run-off. This combined with the relocation of drainage to the outside of the building ensures water is permanently removed from a roof and the potential for any further problems eliminated. Developed by Ash & Lacy in 1991, AshJack™ was the first structural lightweight flat-to-pitch over-roof conversion system to be introduced in the UK. Supported by a network of experienced installers, AshJack™ provides a range of systems, which can be individually tailored to suit the specific structural and design requirements of the existing building. Over-roofing conversion system has been punching above its lightweight properties for two decades.

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