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alwitra Roof Edge Trim Profiles

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alwitra Roof Edge Trim Profiles

by ICB (Waterproofing) Ltd

alwitra roof edge trim profiles are: industrially manufactured and ready to install suitable for all types of roof waterproofing (synthetic membranes or bituminous membranes) made of aluminium, EN AW-6060 or EN AW-5005A for series TAG and art-line, light-weight and corrosion resistant, recyclable, with colour coating or anodised, if required compliant with standards and directives for straight or curved (on plan) roof edges without or with upstands (parapet) with a plain or specially formed finish and a front height of 80 to 1,050 mm bracket-profile-constructions with ready-to-install external and internal corners, stop ends and upstands for simple and time-saving installation

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