ALKORSOLAR waterproofing single ply  Brochure

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ALKORSOLAR waterproofing single ply Brochure

by RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd

The unique and patented Alkorsolar profile system for waterproofing PVC, makes it possible to attach solar panels and/or solar thermal onto single ply without the need of extra ballast or penetration to the roofing membrane. The advantages: minimal extra weight; no perforation of roofing membrane; fast, simple and safe installation; maintenance and repairs of solar panels made simple; it can be used on new build and replacement roofs. The product is independently wind tested up to 209km/hour. Ideal for use in combination with AlkorBright. The product may be used as a lead roll aesthetic on AlkorPlan roofs. It may also be used as a carrier to give an alternative finish to single ply such as cedar shingle or high pressure laminate.


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