Acoustic Flooring Batten 80t

Technical data sheet

Acoustic Flooring Batten 80t

by JCW Acoustic Supplies Limited

ACOUSTIC BATTEN JCW 80T ACOUSTIC BATTEN JCW 80T IS IDEAL FOR TIMBER FFT-1 FLOATING FLOOR TYPES: E-FT-1, E-FT-2, E-FT-3 AND E-FS-2 Raised floor space can be used for installing services Ideal for good impact and airborne sound improvement Size: 80mm deep x 42mm x 1800mm Weight: 2.9 kgs Reduction in Impact Sound Transmission: rd Lw 16 dB Improvement in Airborne Sound Insulation: 13 dB Rw + Ctr For more information on this product call us on 01204 548400.

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