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12. Mosa Terra Tones - Setting the Tone

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12. Mosa Terra Tones - Setting the Tone

by Royal Mosa


Subtle shades with Terra Tones. This series is the innovative addition to the modular, integral tile programme Terra Maestricht. Terra Tones is a set of three tiles in a single colour group. These colour groups are grey green (215), mid grey (206), anthracite (216) and cool black (203). Each set comprises a light tone (X), a mid tone (Y) and a dark tone (Z), supplied in equal quantities (in m²). Mixing the tones creates amazing ceramic surfaces. To provide inspiration, the Mosa Design Team has produced various tile patterns that show off the Terra Tones effect at its best. Terra Tones has a subtle, even, powder like surface (V). These unglazed tiles are resistant to wear, frost and weather. And they're strong.

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