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Traditional Patent Glazing Brochure

by Standard Patent Glazing Company Ltd

The company's traditional patent glazing bars are designed to receive single glazing of any thickness and are also suitable for accommodating solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheets up to 30mm thick. It is possible to incorporate double glazed units into this range of glazing bar when compliance with Building Regulations Document L is not a requiremnt. The glazing bar is an inverted 'T' design and its strength is provided by the external stalk (or web). The outer surface can be weathered by a choice of extruded aluminium screw-on and snap-on cappings or extruded aluminium screw-on wings. A glazing system combined with economy and a proven track record. 30,000m² of this glazing system has been installed by us on many major railway stations throughout the UK in recent times.

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