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Biozone air purification system

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Biozone air purification system

by Warner Howard Hand Dryers


BioZone will resolve permanent odour problems and kill germs by destroying 99.99% of bacteria both in the air and on surfaces. It is proven to be effective against E.coli and flu viruses, making BioZone the perfect hygienic solution for hospitals and doctors waiting rooms. BioZone uses a combination of 5 sterilising techniques:Ozone obliterates bacteria, viruses and fungi and removes odour from the air Photoplasma, a type of energised oxygen, eliminates the reproductive capability and reduces the number of micro-organisms, disinfecting the air Negative ions decrease the total concentration of harmful chemicals in the air Deep-UV-light sterilises micro-organisms that pass through the unit Photo Catalytic Oxidation process destroys volatile organic compounds on the surface material

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