Touchless solutions - safer, more efficient contactless pathways

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Touchless solutions - safer, more efficient contactless pathways

by Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

Since the first remote control product release back in 1890, we have become heavily invested in the future of technology. To be more specific, technology that enhances the lifestyle of people across the world, whether that be ease of access to information digitally, or developing the physical environment. Now in 2020, there is a clear collaboration between digital data and tangible products that have streamlined once unsecured, mundane or time-consuming tasks. At Boon Edam, we believe that innovation is the key to increased user experience. We have spent over 20 years enhancing our contactless solutions to meet modern demands, embracing the touchless future. Discover a life where your building journey can be virtually touchless, in a secure, hygienic and user-friendly way.

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