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18 mm HPL Vanity Units - 600 mm Inset Type Top

Dunhams Washroom Systems

Practical, and cost effective systems with post-formed HPL tops for inset basins.

Attractive, practical and cost-effective solution using HPL High Pressure Laminate.

Features a post-formed downstand and coved rear upstand as standard design, manufactured to suit inset basins.

Supplied with HPL or SGL access panel system pre-fitted on sub-frames.

Included in object:

  • 18 mm HPL - 600 mm Inset Type Top Standard Carcass with 18 mm HPL Access Panels.
  • 18 mm HPL - 600 mm Inset Type Top Base Unit Carcass, Hinged and Lockable 18mm HPL Doors.


Showing 73-108 of 372