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Anti Terrorist Truck Planter

Kent Stainless

The Kent Anti Terrorist Planter is supported by the PAS 68 removable bollard core which is set towards the front side of the planter that is exposed to the possible threat. This core gives the planter the extra strength to withstand a potential impact of a car or truck. The Kent Anti Terrorist Planter is supported by a 2400 mm x 900 mm foundation which is fitted with a rebar cage and concrete fill grade C50 The Pas 68 removable bollards are then inserted into the fittings and the planter is then placed on top. This design makes it capable to withstand a 7500 kg Truck at 48 km/h (30 mph).

The Kent Anti Terrorism Planter is currently installed in London.

Features and benefits:

  • Stops a 7500 kg Truck at 48 km/h (30mph).
  • Fully complies with BSI PAS68:2007.
  • 2400 mm x 900 mm Foundation.
  • Iroko Timber Perimeter Capping.

Muscari Planter

Hahn Plastics Ltd

There are 6 different Planters available in the HAHN street furniture range all manufactured from 100% recycled specially formulated hanit® plastic. With a robust rot proof, self-coloured finish these are virtually maintenance free and carry a 20 year guarantee. Available as square, rectangular or hexagonal there is a design to enhance any environment.

Features and Benefits:

Material: 100% recycled mixed polyolefins
Muscari Planter: 130 cm long x 60 cm wide x 50 cm high
Plinth height: 8 cm
Base thickness: 2 cm
Support Posts: 12 x 16 cm
Unit Weight: 128 kg
Colours Available: Grey, Brown or Black

Showing 1-36 of 46