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Calcium sulfate-based screed systems

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Gypsol Diamond Polished Anhydrite Screed


Gypsol Diamond is a unique screed system designed to be used as a wearing surface once polished. It offers the versatility and practicality of anhydrite floor along with the beauty and durability of a polished concrete.


  • Minimum C25 F4
  • Typical C35 F6

Typical Surface Performance (when polished) – Courtesy of Midland Flooring Ltd:

Slip Resistance:

  • Wet 37
  • Dry 58

Abrasion Resistance [1]:

  • AR1 (Suitable for light commercial and heavy foot traffic)

Gloss Value:

  • 65GU minimum
  • Stain resilient surface subject to suitable maintenance

Environmental Data:

Recycled Content

  • Binder 98%
  • Mortar up to 40%

Carbon Emissions

  • Binder 10 to 20kg/tonne
  • Mortar 20 to 40kg/m3

VOC: Virtually zero

Recyclability: 100%

[1] Independently tested by GT Certification Ltd (UKAS 2478) on behalf of Midland Flooring Ltd

Gypsol Solida heated screed system


The Gypsol Solida Heated Screed System comprises an underfloor heating technology into ground and separating floors in combination with Gypsol based flowing anhydrite floor screeds.

Gypsol Summit Flowscreed


Summitt screed is a combination of Gypsol binder, specially selected sands, and water mixed in quality-assured ready-mix facilities to produce a pump applied, flowing, self-compacting and self-smoothing screed. It allows installation to high rise applications 10 stories and above.

Minimum Depths:

  • Bonded: 25 mm on a fully prepared concrete substrate.
  • Unbonded: 30 mm over a polythene membrane or in direct contact with an unprepared concrete substrate.
  • Floating on insulation: 35 mm for domestic applications.
  • Floating on insulation: 40 mm for commercial applications.
  • Underfloor heating: Minimum 25 mm cover to underfloor heating pipes.

Maximum Bays:

  • Unheated: 800 m², aspect ratio 8:1, length 40 m.
  • Heated: 300 m², aspect ratio 6:1, length of 20 m.

Physical Properties:

  • Thermal conductivity: <2.3 w/mK.
  • Strength: Min C25 F4.
  • Reaction to Fire: Class A1f.

Environment and Welfare: Binder

  • Contains 98% recycled material
  • CO2 Footprint 26.26kg of CO2/tonne.
  • 100% Recyclable
  • VOC Virtually Zero
  • Protein free
  • Ergonomically friendly installation

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