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Plumbing fixture accessories - BIM objects (1538)

Plumbing fixture accessories covers various associated products required for bathrooms such as taps, waste outlets and sanitary accessories. Browse BIM objects and Revit families for these categories below.

Emergency shower products (17)

Emergency shower products
BIM object
Arboles UK Ltd
WaterSaver Labtaps Limited

Packaged sanitary fittings (38)

Packaged sanitary fittings
BIM object
Balmorals London Limited
Armitage Shanks
The Splash Lab Limited

+ 3 manufacturers

Sanitary accessories (690)

Sanitary accessories
BIM object
The Splash Lab Limited
Pressalit Limited
Villeroy & Boch AG

+ 24 manufacturers

Sanitary accessory systems (2)

Sanitary accessory systems
BIM object

Sanitary appliance systems (2)

Sanitary appliance systems
BIM object
Urbidermis / All Urban Ltd
Vantage Products

Taps and water supply outlet fittings (764)

Taps and water supply outlet fittings
BIM object
Armitage Shanks
KWC DVS Limited

+ 18 manufacturers

Wastewater outlets and plugs (25)

Wastewater outlets and plugs
BIM object
Armitage Shanks

+ 4 manufacturers