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The Perfect Solution


The independent, family run “New Naylor Garage” in Elvington wanted to refurbish their business, and were looking for a door that is modern, convenient, secure and practical to best represent their business.

Their previous roller door was aesthetically outdated, physically demanding to use and offered little to no insulation to their staff, who had been working tirelessly through the winter months to put their successful family business where it is on the map today. On top of this, the old roller door posed a moderate security risk, due to the fact it could easily be leveraged open enough to force entry, then manually opened fully once inside using the chain hoist.

With all this in mind, the goals were clear. It required a modern professional design, something that would reflect their success and set the business aside from their competition. It had to be custom made, due to the odd dimensions of the opening to allow vehicles of all shapes and sizes through. It had to be well insulated, to keep their staff comfortable and healthy particularly during the icy winter months. This is also important to protect their tools and vehicles from moisture which leads to rust and corrosion. Finally, it had to be convenient and user friendly, giving access to multiple staff members while requiring no manual force required to operate.

It was time to make a change, and the business started to search for a solution to these problems.

In the end, SOMMER DOCO provided the solution, a complete made to measure sectional door resolving all these issues at once. While many unique options are available, this door has a modern and stylish yet subtle design, which is perfectly suited to the UK market. A fantastic and coincidentally, a cost effective choice for a thriving British business such as this.

Appearances aside, the sturdy door panels with 40mm thick insulated sections offers very good thermal insulation. Efficiently designed sealing systems also provide excellent isolation for the system, as well as compensating for areas of uneven ground. All in all this allows the business to remain efficiently heated despite the weather outside. This also insulates the noise coming from the workstation, dampening the noise from the various tools inside the garage minimising noise pollution for the surrounding businesses.

While many control options are available ranging from fingerprint scanners to keycode access, the business opted for a key operated Deadman switch, negating the need for a spiral cable to optical safety edge. While this requires you to hold and turn the key in place to operate the door, it removes the need for any cables and gives the keyholder full control. This increases the safety of vehicles coming in and out as the door is being manually operated by a keyholder with full vision of the door. 

The door is a standard lift with pitch to follow the pitch of the roof. This means that the panels follow the roofline, keeping them parallel to the roof and out of the way of vehicles raised on the car lifts inside.

Windows fitted into the panels provide plenty of natural light, brightening up the workspace when the door is shut. These windows have been requested and fitted at a high level, to avoid any prying eyes looking inward for valuables when the business is closed.

While all SOMMER DOCO doors are made to measure, the amount of detail and customisation that can be applied by SOMMER DOCO to suit various needs and requirements is second to none. No matter what the requirements are, SOMMER DOCO has the perfect solution.

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