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Rada is the right treatment for Newcastle Hospital PFI projects


These are two of the most prominent specialist hospitals in the UK. The Freeman Hospital is renowned for its success in transplant and cancer treatment, while the Royal Victoria Infirmary will become the northern equivalent of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London because of its expertise in paediatrics.

The extensive range of products installed include Rada thermostatic mixing valves for hand washing and showering – Rada Sense Washbasin Kit T3, Unatherm, Thermotap and V8/3 – all accredited to NHS Model Engineering Specification D08.

The contractor in charge of the project, Laing O’Rourke/Crown House Technologies, chose these products both because they offer value for money and are proven in the demanding hospital environment.

Project Engineer Darrin McKenny says: “These are all good and proven products in the healthcare sector and were specified by the Primary Care Trust. They’ve made a bit of a name for themselves.”

The Rada Meynell V8/3 L thermostatic mixer is equipped with a long lever control, specifically to assist those people with impaired use of their hands, or who would simply benefit from additional leverage. For those with special needs, the Meynell V8/3 L valve can be fitted with accessories from the Mira special needs range which includes longer (2m) hoses and a 1.5m slide bar.

Rada Sense is the UK’s first infra-red, non-touch control panel for both water flow and temperature control designed to help reduce instances of cross infection in healthcare establishments. It also reduces the potential for legionella to breed in pipework ‘dead legs’. The mixing unit is supplied factory-set to comply with TMV3 safe temperature settings for hospitals to prevent scalding where users are vulnerable or where there is a duty of care to the young, infirm or less able.

Sense offers a unique combination of safety, hygiene and absolute thermal control using groundbreaking technology, entirely UK designed to the demanding IEC61508 internationally recognised standard for electrical and electronic equipment that is used to provide a safety function.

The Unatherm-3 combined thermostatic mixing valve and surgical tap aids surgical basin tap maintenance by being mounted in front of the panel, so that it is fully serviceable from above the basin. This feature aids surgical basin tap maintenance and contributes to improved safety and hygiene on hospital wards and in scrub-up areas.

The Rada Thermotap-3 combined basin tap and thermostatic mixing valve is operated via a lever control for ease of use, and there is also an additional longer lever option available.

Because mixing occurs within the thermostat assembly in the Thermotap-3, water delivery is both instantaneous and at a safe hand washing temperature. It also offers significant benefits to the installer as it is much easier and quicker to install than a standard pillar tap and separate mixing valve combination.

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