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Malvern Theatre


The Building

The Malvern Theatre in Worcestershire is a longstanding asset to the community, having undergone extensive renovation works, the construction of the new entrance, now uses Saint-Gobain Glass COOL-LITE SKN 175, further enhancing its appeal.

In addition to serving as the theatre's new main entrance, the extension facilitates a significant increase in workshop capacity, from approximately 2,500 to 14,500 places annually. This expansion enables the hosting of further drama, music, movement, dance, and art classes. Furthermore, the enhanced facilities enable the Malvern Theatres to extend its collaborations with Acorns Children’s Hospice and other specialized care providers.

The Glass

The COOL-LITE SKN 175 glass is an ideal solution for façades and glazing in commercial buildings. This high-performance product excels in solar control, providing a neutral aesthetic whilst prioritising energy efficiency. The result is the creation of beautiful, functional buildings that perform well, considering aspects of comfort, visual appeal, and the sustainability of building glass over the complete building life cycle.

COOL-LITE SKN 175 balances the advantages of a high-performance neutral solar control product with:

·      High light transmission 70%

·      Low g-value of 0.35

·      Excellent U-value of 1.0W/m2K

·      High degree of neutrality

By using COOL-LITE SKN 175, interiors can be made more comfortable, reducing overheating and the reliance on costly air conditioning. Simultaneously, it noticeably decreases excessive heat loss. The high light transmittance also diminishes the need for interior lighting during daylight hours, contributing to a further reduction in energy costs.

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