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Infrastructure Rail


Hart has supplied hundreds of industrial doors to infrastructure projects both across the UK and internationally.


9 Electric insulated roller shutters

14 Speedor Super high speed doors

The challenge

Old rail shutters are unreliable with a potential to free fall due to mechanical failure. Doors that are past their ‘asset life expectancy’ should be replaced to ensure up to date legislations are met. These areas tend to have varying traffic and need to be secure for safety. These dangerous situations can be remedied by replacing with new doors designed for purpose. 

The solution

Hart completed a major contract to replace old and unreliable shutters at the Stewarts Lane depot, Battersea. The contract included the removal of old doors and re-installation of nine doors of varying sizes, the largest being 8.5m wide and 4.7m. Safedrive motors delivered quiet and smooth operation despite the size and improved security and safety for staff.

The success

Hart replaced 14 of it’s own Speedors installed at Laira Depot, Plymouth which were still operational after 22 years. This is an astonishing length of service and a testament to the quality of product. Hart’s reputation for technical excellence developed over many years has given Hart a distinct edge when involved such contracts.

The Review:

“Your installation staff were extremely efficient and friendly workers. They carried out the work safely in a professional manner and there were no issues or problems on site. Both of them were a credit to your company.” First Great Western Ltd

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