NBS Source

European Spallation Source (ESS)

by Inpro

Architect: Henning Larson - Copenhagen

Contractor: SKANSKA - Sweden

The Project

ESS / European Spallation Source, located in Lund, Sweden, is a joint European research facility to which 13 member countries contribute technical equipment, expertise and funding. Researchers worldwide will be able to study materials in detail allowing them to investigate solutions for some of the world’s most complex challenges in material research, renewable energy, biomedicine and pharmaceutical pursuits. The facility is expected to open for research in 2023.

Not only will ESS become a world-leading research facility, it will also be one of the most sustainable and energy smart research infrastructures.

The ESS energy concept is based on three pillars: the facility will be very energy efficient and will use as little energy as possible, all energy will come from renewable energy sources and the waste heat will be recycled.

Inpro® Products Used

  • Fireline® 140 Fire Barrier
  • Series 114 Drywall Wall and Ceiling Interior System
  • Series 651 Surface Mount Exterior System
  • Series 672 Bellows Roof Exterior System
  • Series 995 Fire-rated Foam

Why did Skanska decide to work with Inpro?

The project started 2 years ago with a single request for information from Henning Larsen Architects – Copenhagen.

In 2019 Inpro were asked by Skanska to tender for an expansion joint product line addressing the exterior cladding of this unique facility. At that time, several other manufacturing companies were being considered for the wide ranging scope of movement joints required. However after in depth interviews, only Inpro was able to offer all the complex joint solutions required in one primary supplier.

  • Detailed Sustainability product information was submitted and verified by third parties.
  • Complicated Shop Drawings and take-offs of the massive 6-building involved depicting multiple complicated transitions between varying substrates, differing products and a range of geometries for the custom-made solutions.
  • Demonstrated our ability to overcome complex technical and field-related problems.
  • Were involved with hours of online meetings with the main stakeholders- Skanska technical teams, the Architectural team and the Installing Contractor in a collaborative approach to implement best practice and minimize risk.

This was an Inpro team project including Senior Product Management, Sustainability team, estimation and commercial management who all played an important part to land this iconic development with SKANSKA.

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