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Bury St Edmunds Train Station


The challenge

Bury St Edmunds Train Station required building envelope works due to the ageing condition of the Grade II listed building managed by Walker Construction. A significant issue was water damage caused by water ingress through an inefficiently waterproofed roof, invasive plant species growing through brickwork, and debris around drainage points.

The action

To address the problem, a roof condition report was produced, which recommended an overlay of the existing roof to restore its waterproofing. Safety was crucial due to the works being carried out near a live railway line, so scaffolding and a harness system were installed to ensure the safety of Vision Specialist Contracting (SC), the trusted partner of Tremco, who carried out the installation. 

A rigorous waste removal system was put in place to prevent construction debris from being blown onto the tracks, as it could cause railway delays. Before the work could commence, the roof had to be cleared of invasive species, and coping stones weighing between 120kg and 150kg each were removed and washed.

The solution 

AlphaGuard PUMA Liquid Applied Flat Roofing System was chosen for the refurbishment works. This system is fast-curing in low and high temperatures, certified with Broof(t4) classification, and comes with a 25-year warranty. 

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Bury St Edmunds Train Station

Bury St Edmunds Train Station